Thoughts on Education

Education Today


There are many societies around the globe where educating all children has become a goal. While there may be a few where only boys or girls are fully educated, those scenarios are beginning to fade. Ideas on the importance of education in a world where advances in technology can be revealed almost daily has shown many cultures that lack of education can hold an entire country or society back from success. Rather than falling behind, many of them have made great strides forward in educating their youngest members.

Literacy today is quite high across the globe with more than eighty percent of the world’s population able to read and write. This has come about due to a need to compete globally, but there are other factors. Women were often left out of education in many previous eras, yet women today receive the same amount of education as their counterparts. Males are expected to be literate in the majority of societies, and their social status is no longer a reason to promote or deny educational opportunities for them.